Tattoo Love

I was considering starting a regular tattoo slot but since Tiffany of Drops of Jupiter posts such amazing body art on her tattoo tuesdays I thought it best to leave it to the pro’s. Just thought I would share a quick shot of my ink, a Sailor Jerry inspired gypsy head with hawaiian hibiscus inspired by his parlour in Honolulu. Did I mention I love EVERYTHING Sailor Jerry?



Pin up of the Month

Kim Lenz and her Jaguars

So here’s my Pin up of the month for february – Kim Lenz. I have fallen a little in love with this vixen and am slightly appauled with myself that I hadnt been aware of her vivacious vocals much sooner. I love the Rolling Stone quote ” If Elvis had been a woman, he probably would have sounded just like Kim Lenz”

Her most recent album released in 2009 titled “It’s all true”, was entirely self produced and boasts contemporary rockabilly with a hint of girl power for the ladies and sassines for the guys. Gorgeous and talented with sounds that make my feet move without prompt has definetely secured Kim a place as my Pin up of the Month.

One of my favourite songs off the album “Shined up and Ready to Shout”

RR x

Rockabilly Birthday

Lost & found and out on the town!

I know it’s rather cheesy to blog about my own birthday but heck someone’s gotta! Saturday we headed into London (I truly cherish time I get to spend back in London when I’m not in Nottingham studying!) and my other half had a brilliant luxury wet shave and hair cut in Pall Mall barbers. The quaint gentlemens establishment just seconds from Soho has such an authentic feel and he appeared after an hour and a half like a new man, and may I add smelling like a DREAM. He highly recommends and so do I for any ladies looking to treat their man, they offer beautiful gift vouchers and all products used are available to buy.

The sudden down pour threw my vintage scouring right off track so instead sought refuge in Randall&Aubin in Soho for an early dinner. This is and always will be my absolute favourite restaurant in London, I wont give too much away for those who have never been but if you like seafood, vintage decor, disco balls and extremely loud old skool sounds then check it out!

It made sense to pop right next door to Madame Jojo’s for Lost&ound, a night celebrating the best of Jump Blues, Northern Soul and Rockabilly. Unless your in here early it proves difficult to swing your partner around in the crowds and seen as we got there quite late the dropped dancefloor was a no go, however your guaranteed great music everytime with the amazing and very entertaining resident DJ’s. To top off a great birthday I was handed a bottle of Sailor Jerry Vanilla&Lime, for those dedicated SJ drinkers out there who felt my heartache when it was discontinued will know how excited I was that my darling had managed to hunt down a bottle of the good stuff and in such an amazing tin too! (eBay rules once again)

Oh and of course we headed to The Diner on Carnaby Street for brunch…where else? Short stack of maple syrup pancakes with sausage can heal even the deadliest rock n roll induced hangover. It’s the only place where yet even more 50’s sounds reminiscent of the night before somehow pull you round and get your toes tappin’ again!

RR x

Head Scarf Heaven

London’s infamous Portobello Market plays host to some great vintage pieces, jewellery especially, at the best of times but I was extremely excited when I found a stall that sells literally hundreds of silk scarves…all for £1! I’m such a scarf geek and those who shop vintage will know it is pretty hard to come across one for less than a fiver, so with a real nice chap running the stall in one of my favourite parts of London I was in my element really!

This cute  “kiwi” scarf, as I’ve fondly named it, is one of my favourites for a quick throw on for bad (or good) hair days!


Vintage Americana hits the Catwalk

50’s USA dominates 2012

So designers have finally realised it’s all about the 50’s *sigh* At first I wasnt too sure if I liked the idea of extortionately priced designer pieces inspired by the 50’s because for me its just not very…Rock n Roll. HOWEVER as a Fashion student it is in my job description to embrace the beauty of designer collections and I found it truly impossible not to love the PRADA S/S12 campaign. The undeniably cute muscle car print and Cadillac stilletoes are mixed up with crystal embellished silks and cat’s-eye sunglasses to create an ultra feminine but fun look. The Mens collection is equally as appealing, with quirky print shirts and Elvis inspired studded jackets. Although I wouldnt normally blog about high fashion I thought this would at least be of interest to show just how iconic this era is…enjoy

RR x

Source: The VOGUE Edit Featured Designers: Nina Ricci, PRADA, Proenza Schouler






Hot Dogs, Liquor and Vintage Sounds!

Juke Box Jiving at Joe’s

“Hot Dogs, Liquor and Vintage Sounds”  is what adorns the outside of Joe’s bar located right opposite Camdens infamous Roundhouse and this is exactly what you get. You certainly dont have to be a 50’s fanatic to have a great time here, it’s a no fuss no frills joint, just friendly staff, good reasonably priced drinks and Rock n Roll! What initially started out as a refuge from the snow on a Saturday night turned into a rather tipsy toe tappin’ session which lasted until the wee hours! If the amazing smell of their hotdogs doesnt tempt you in then the music definitely will…this bar was full of a great mix of people from all walks of life and I dont think I saw one person sat still while the DJ span the best sounds from ’55 – ’65.  A breath of fresh air for Camden…GO!    


Vintage sounds Monday to Sunday


Toe Tappin' in a Tiki Shirt