Hot Dogs, Liquor and Vintage Sounds!

Juke Box Jiving at Joe’s

“Hot Dogs, Liquor and Vintage Sounds”  is what adorns the outside of Joe’s bar located right opposite Camdens infamous Roundhouse and this is exactly what you get. You certainly dont have to be a 50’s fanatic to have a great time here, it’s a no fuss no frills joint, just friendly staff, good reasonably priced drinks and Rock n Roll! What initially started out as a refuge from the snow on a Saturday night turned into a rather tipsy toe tappin’ session which lasted until the wee hours! If the amazing smell of their hotdogs doesnt tempt you in then the music definitely will…this bar was full of a great mix of people from all walks of life and I dont think I saw one person sat still while the DJ span the best sounds from ’55 – ’65.  A breath of fresh air for Camden…GO!    


Vintage sounds Monday to Sunday


Toe Tappin' in a Tiki Shirt


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