Cool Counterfeit

Muscle Car Mania

Look familiar? Yep, this print looks almost identical to the PRADA S/S12 fabric that I blogged about a few weeks back. You can pick up this amazingly cute top and skirt from wait for it ladies…PRIMARK! How exciting! The muted pastel tones steer it away from a potentially ‘tacky’ twin set to counterfeit chic. I am very impressed I must say, looks like vintage america is taking over this summer…Woop!



RR x


Happy Friday!

If JD McPherson doesnt get you in the mood for the weekend nothing will!

I dont really need to say much about this post at all really except enjoy! This song has been lifting my spirits for weeks now and makes me so bloomin happy! What an awesome dude eh?

Read more about his album Signs and Signifiers over at the brilliant Sad Man’s Tongue rockabilly site

Have a great weekend guys,

RR x






My life in Leopard

Wiggle in a wiggle skirt

So eBay rules once again. I LOVE leopard print anything so I have been on the hunt for a stretchy (note the stretch) leopard print skirt to…well wiggle in. Tapped into eBay AHA! 4minutes later I’m the proud owner of a brand new Darkside leopard print pencil skirt for £3. Amazes me everytime. I’m a bit sad like that

Very much looking forward to some swingin’ and singin’ in this number…


Velvet chair: Vintage Scarf: H&M Skirt: Darkside Clothing

Sunnies: Betsey Johnson Lipstick: Sleek Cosmetics

RR x


Grease is the word

Cats eye sunglasses, cheer leaders, diners and Danny Zuko popped into my head when I saw this too cute bubblegum pink  jumper…oh and “look at meee I’m Sandradeee” (sorry) Which makes it even cuter is it cost me a quid! COW vintage in Nottingham has the best sale section I found something EVERYTIME I go!

Think I’ll be wearing this tucked into a polka poodle skirt when I next hang out with the Pink Ladies…

COW Vintage, Nottingham






The Original Teddy’s

My grandparents looking fly from the fifties

I found this photo at my dads house and it makes me smile every time I look at it. Not only were they so in love and in their teens here but its a beautiful reminder of my grandad who I miss dearly everyday. *sniffle*

So here I share with you a tiny piece of my heart and present the original and oh so cool Teddy Boy and Girl…

RR x