4 Necessities for a 50’s Starlet

Since I began my journey back in time (about 6months ago) and decided to reinvent my wardobe and educate myself as much as possible on 50’s fashion, music, culture you name it, I’ve realised I still have a long way to go! Although I am still far from being a bonifide bettie there has been 4  things I have changed/learnt in order to ooze that unmistakable 50’s style.

1. Learn to victory roll

Considering how awful I am at creating any up do with my locks, I have mastered the victory roll after endless nights of YouTube tutorials *waves hand humbly*. This must of course be the ultimate rule number 1 for any pin up apprentice as it’s given me instant vintage appeal to my mix of high street and vintage style.

2. Get yourself some Reds

There’s more than one shade of red?! Hair aside, I class myself as pretty make up literate, I owned a couple shades of strawberry and cherry you know the score. It wasn’t till I started wearing the statement 50’s colour lipstick on every night out that I realised not every outfit *Shock Horror* goes with the same red! This led me to find limitless shades across multiple brands but I have to say after many glass and kiss tests,  M.A.C Ruby Woo is a sure winner. A little dry but with a small amount of balm as a base and a decent blot, this sweetheart stays on all night!

3. Oval not Squoval

One tiny but extremely significant change to my image was my nails. I’ve always been a squoval kinda gal (square/oval) but whilst procrastinating  I had a eureka moment except its not rocket science its just nails. Once I had reshaped my tips to a perfect oval and glossed them over with a cherry red I can honestly say I felt like a new woman, I instantly felt a million times more…well vintage than I had done 30 minutes previously. Who Knew!

4. High Brow

It’s amazing how quickly you can transform your entire face by reshaping your eyebrows and if you have quite naturally low eyebrows like me or dont quite fancy eliminating your brows all together than penciling in a high arch gives you instant 50’s chic! I have now got into the swing of drawing on rather thin and high arched brows daily, combined with some red lippy and a victory roll or two results in a quick and easy vintage look.


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