A Stitch in Time for the Jubilee

I had my eye on this lovely vintage sewing machine in a second hand furniture shop for a while and it seems my patience paid off as it was reduced and I’m now the proud owner!

I’m still trying to work out what year it was manufactured but with its iconic 50’s colour way I’m pleased as punch whichever era this came from. The Made in England tag just sealed the deal for me, its so nice to find vintage items that were once manufactured by the great british work force and we just don’t make them like we used to!

This vintage find is a truly brilliant, British piece of machinery…what a lovely Jubilee treat to me….now where to put it….

RR x

20120531-065955 PM.jpg

20120531-070024 PM.jpg

20120531-070029 PM.jpg

20120531-070035 PM.jpg

20120531-070042 PM.jpg

20120531-070047 PM.jpg


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