Charity Case

I havn’t posted many vintage finds lately and there has been many since I moved, it’s just been bargains galore! I can’t actually remember the last time I went into high street stores, I just begrudge paying full price for clothes and shoes now…is that really stingy? Well my wardrobe has never looked so refreshed so I still maintain my second hand mantra and you just cant beat that good old musty smell of a once loved garment that conjures up images of past times!

I particularly love this outfit I wore to The Obscuritones gig at Bethnal Green Working Mans Club because the whole lot cost me a fiver! (minus shoes but these are Primarni) The red leather belt was an amazing find as it was originally from Rokit Vintage and I have been after a leopard print tee for ages, so good shopping trip all round! The nautical style peep toes have a really nice hessian wedge, so great for the summer and are still in Primark stores now.

Top: Oxfam – £1.99 Skirt: Oxfam – £0.99
Belt: Mencap – £1.99

Shoes: Primark – £12

I have also been intently practising my hair do techniques as I am so rubbish with hair it’s just a JOKE. (But I am getting better I promise!) I had to get ready really quickly this night so just threw 2 victory rolls in either side and swept my fringe across and finished with a little black H&M scarf in a bow. I thought this worked quite well for a quick and easy hair do with a 50’s twist so I’ll be pulling this one out the bag again for when I’m in a rush!


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