The Obscuritones!

I’ve been a fan of this band for a while now and when I couldn’t make their gig at The Ritzy in Brixton last friday I nearly pulled a hissy fit…until I saw they were playing again in London the following night! I did actually do a slight *air jump* at that point.

If you havn’t heard of The Obscuritones yet I’m almost certain you will soon because this British Rockabilly band ticks every box from great live performance to 50’s rarities. They refer to their unique style as “the Andrew Sisters singing with the Stray Cats after a night out with the Cramps” – Rockabilly Online so whats not to like!

We saw them at the amazing Bethnal Green Working Mans club, a venue I’ve always “been meaning to go to” and man am I gutted I’ve only just found this place! Talk about time warped, this venue’s plonked right inside an East End residential area and looks exactly like…well, an East End working mans club, I don’t think one thing in that place has been changed since the 1950’s, from the furniture to the bars and I LOVE venue’s like this.

The Obscuritones were short of a singer that night and I’ve heard great things about the girls harmonious vocals but I’ve gotta say folks it didn’t hinder their performance one bit, they played two brilliants sets (granted I was probably slightly worse for wear during the second) that oozed humour, exciting vocals and authentic rockabilly sounds and whatta’ venue for it. These lot will get you shakin’ your hips and tappin’ your toes before you can say rockin’ rhythm and with influences such as Johnny Burnette and The Collins Kids you know you’re in for a party! Until the next time…

RR x


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