Pin Up of the Month – June

I’ve been watching a lot of Calamity Jane (1953) recently after resurrecting it from my DVD collection, something I like to do every year or so. Retrieving the disc and dusting it off for a re-run excites me every time as it takes me straight back to my childhood, sitting in my grandparents living room performing renditions of “Secret Love” to what was then a VHS. Routinely putting it away again means that a year or so later I can treat myself to the infamous soundtrack and my much awaited sing a long that never ceases to make me smile. (I’m pretty sure my other half must know by now that it’s Harry I’m planning to marry?) Enough of the insiders jokes, I apologise for those who aren’t quite such avid fans, I just cant help myself! Without further ado, of course you guessed it, my Pin up of the Month is…

Doris Day


Source: The Independent

Source: Vintalgia


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