Room full of Starlets

Any woman in her right mind knows how flattering the clothes of the 40’s and 50’s are and one woman who knows this more than most is behind one of the most sought after vintage remade brands this year. Tara Starlet is the ultimate pin up of the pageant, offering not only beautifully made, vintage style clothes that flatter all shapes and sizes but its ethical too….*hurrah!*

I popped down to London to give Tara a hand at the sample sale in her quirky east end studio, naturally what 50’s fanatic like myself wouldn’t think they had died and gone to graceland being surrounded by all those amazing clothes! I got to meet the lovely Hollie over at The War Bride too, as someone who doesn’t have many friends who are into vintage the way I am it’s always so nice to meet other people who get so excited about the same things! Tara’s studio is just the sweetest vintage haven and with Β the Puppini sisters setting the sound track for the day, a few soldiers in uniform wouldn’t have gone a miss…





The wonderful Tara and I

The lovely War Bride, Hollie, check her out she does the funnest of things!

RR x


Bad Hair Days Covered

I am a self confessed soap dodger in the hair department, I dye my natural blonde locks a dark brown and hate washing it too much because it can get so dry…grease isnt a good look but either is straw! So another thing that’s filled me with joy on my journey to becoming a 50’s filly is that I can just wear a head scarf to work and just like magic my barnets covered AND it adds even more to the vintage look. This is obvious practise to long time dedicated vintage queenies but for a relatively new kid on the block this still excites me just a little bit!

20120719-073253 PM.jpg