Quite honestly I find 1940’s and 1950’s inspiration in almost anything now, it’s everywhere we look, in new advertising campaigns, cars, clothes, hair adverts and with the amazing Tune In Radio application now, you really can live a truly vintage lifestyle. If you have yet to download this app, do it right now, it plays just like an authentic vintage radio station, no DJ’s and even vintage radio ads! A picnic on Hampstead Heath, with Radio Vintage playing and my fella really is my most happy place. Rock on Tune In!

Anyway, I thought I’d post some snaps from my holiday to the beautiful tiny Island of Skiathos, lord knows I tried to maintain the vintage look in that heat! (P.S ASOS high waist bikini bottoms are just amazing and really do come up as high as you want them)

Bikini Briefs: ASOS
Bikini Top: Calvin Klein

Denim Playsuit: Topshop

Muscle Car Print Skirt: Primark
Black Head Scarf: H&M

RR x


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