Home Sweet Home


So after prolonged suspense and anticipation Mr RR and myself have finally moved into our new pad! I am hoping I wont be neglecting the site too much because after 2 months of NO wifi I am literally about to keel over, especially if I’m quoted another 7 week wait for installation! Anyway just wanted to say hello and to let you know I have of course scoured the country for beautiful vintage furniture that costs less than a t-shirt in Topshop and I cannot wait to show them off to you…all will be revealed soon! And that gorgeous vintage Jones machine I posted previously has finally found a resting place in the front room and looks divine, another British Manufactured piece which cost next to nothing. I totally get how ridiculously over priced second hand furniture is now and I refuse to pay it (can’t afford it) but if you persevere, watch eBay like a hawk and set yourself budgets (yes that means walking away from that amazing wardrobe you have seen but costs your annual salary) then when you find a bargain boy does it feels good! 

So happy hunting guys, and remember; it is OK to pick up abandoned furniture left on the street, it is NOT embarrassing and someone’s JUNK is another persons TREASURE…

I would love to see any of your festive vintage finds for a special Christmas blog post, tweet or email me pics (see my Contact page).

I’m off to put Holiday Inn on (the black&white version)

RR xx


Rockabilly Radio

Betty Hall Jones

I think this song was made for me….a glass of vino and I’m good for bed! Great lyrics Betty, like an old school rap.




Donut Dolly

Well it’s rather exciting times at the Rockabilly Ruby household due to my Nans (yes one half of the ultra cool Original Teddy’s) “light bulb” moment.
For quite a while now I’ve been desperately trying to perfect the bettie bang but no amount of tweaking, back combing or pinning was doing the trick! Just as I was about to resort to making a hair piece (or rat as they’re called) out of Nans stockings she had the rather genius idea of cutting a donut in half, a hair donut not a real one, but I recommend treating yourself to the sugary option and a cuppa once you’ve perfected your barnet…hey it’s not easy turning yourself into a Pin up queen!

So I snipped a small hair donut in half, I bought 2 for £1.50 from Primark, then rolled the front section of hair onto the now long length of mesh and pinned my hair onto it. Once rolled up I then spread my hair evenly along the roll to cover the ends and popped a couple of victory rolls in either side. Add a hibiscus flower and viola! Your hair’s pin up perfect for a Rock n Roll night out, Tiki Party or heck just for the fun of it…I hope this might help all those vintage queenies out there that have struggled with this because it’s such an iconic do and once achieved it makes you feel a million dollars!

20121108-042252 PM.jpg

20121108-042315 PM.jpgRR xx

P.S Sssshhh….don’t tell anyone else our little secret!