Donut Dolly

Well it’s rather exciting times at the Rockabilly Ruby household due to my Nans (yes one half of the ultra cool Original Teddy’s) “light bulb” moment.
For quite a while now I’ve been desperately trying to perfect the bettie bang but no amount of tweaking, back combing or pinning was doing the trick! Just as I was about to resort to making a hair piece (or rat as they’re called) out of Nans stockings she had the rather genius idea of cutting a donut in half, a hair donut not a real one, but I recommend treating yourself to the sugary option and a cuppa once you’ve perfected your barnet…hey it’s not easy turning yourself into a Pin up queen!

So I snipped a small hair donut in half, I bought 2 for £1.50 from Primark, then rolled the front section of hair onto the now long length of mesh and pinned my hair onto it. Once rolled up I then spread my hair evenly along the roll to cover the ends and popped a couple of victory rolls in either side. Add a hibiscus flower and viola! Your hair’s pin up perfect for a Rock n Roll night out, Tiki Party or heck just for the fun of it…I hope this might help all those vintage queenies out there that have struggled with this because it’s such an iconic do and once achieved it makes you feel a million dollars!

20121108-042252 PM.jpg

20121108-042315 PM.jpgRR xx

P.S Sssshhh….don’t tell anyone else our little secret!


6 thoughts on “Donut Dolly

    • Hi Lindsay, thanks for checking my blog out! I would love to know an easy way of doing all these difficult hair styles and I’ve found sometimes I can perfect a roll first time and other times I just can’t get it right! I try to keep the hair tight in the middle of the donut the whole way up, then secure in place and gently pull the hair along the donut either side to the ends gently, making sure theres no gaps, this way it all stays fairly tight. I use black and because my hairs brown its not so bad but I think it’s such a strong style anyway even if you do see a little donut the rest makes up for it! Your bettie bang looks really good, I struggle to get mine high up and more curled upwards at the ends so any tips for me too would be great!
      RR x

      • I guess its just one of those things we will always be perfecting! I have found that if you load on the hairspray and let it sit until its tacky, you can start from the center of your roll and spread out the hair to the ends and lift them out and up a bit more. I pin the ends up and spray again, and when that sets I repeat until they are lifted to my liking 🙂

  1. Hey, I love your blog! I’m making a slow transition into Rockabilly/vintage style. I have not mastered vintage hair yet, I’ve tried this and it made a semi successful victory roll. I’m going to need more practice! The only vintage style I can do is the Rosie the Riveter look, but sadly I don’t think I can get away with a bandanna in school 🙂 I must master these ASAP, I also haven’t got much time to get into charity shops being a trainee teacher (I used to search them for hours!) If you know any good/cheap websites (student budget friendly ones!) could you help me out? xx

    • Hello there, thanks very much for your message I’m so pleased you’ve enjoyed reading it although my laptop has broken so its been neglected for a while 😦 it took me some time to master the art of the roll but with practise you can do it without a mirror! I know have Betty bangs to make life a whole lot easier! I have to be honest I’m so much of a cheap skate I literally only shop in charity shops or bargain bins in vintage stores, or eBay! I buy basic cardigans from Primark or H&M and pair these with vintage pencil skirts for work or my Freddie’s jeans, that’s about the only high street I buy! xx

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