DIY Moonicure


The ‘Moonicure’ has taken the nail art world by storm the past few months and it gives such an instant vintage feel to your talons, which is why I love it! I’m all about minimum effort with maximum results when it comes to my hair, my wardrobe and most definitely my nails, so this super simple DIY Tutorial should help even the most messiest nail painters perfect a Moonicure that put’s Dita to shame…(I live in hope)

What You Will Need;

  • Paper Reinforcement Stickers (or sometimes known as hole punch stickers – got mine for about Ā£1 from Ebay
  • Base Coat & Top Coat
  • 2 colour nail paint’s of your choice – 1 for your half moon shape and 1 for the rest of your nail
  • Rapid Dry Spray – Available from most Superdrug’s or Boot’s
  • Nail file to shape your nail’s into nice elegant oval shapes

1) Apply a clear base coat to your nail’s and spray with a rapid dry nail spray. (Repeat after every coat of varnish) Rapid dry spray is a MUST HAVE for manicure’s, it means you really do have time to paint your nails and be ready to fly out the door in under 5 minutes flat!!

2) Apply the ‘half moon’ colour of your choice – This will be the semi circle shape underneath your top coat. I prefer a nude colour and use Barry M Nail Paint in ‘Nude’. Spray!

3) Once nail’s are completely dry and not tacky, apply the Reinforcement stickers to the base of your nail’s to form the semi circle shape. I gently push the sticker down either side of my nail with my thumb nail to ensure no varnish leaks underneath.

4) Paint the rest of your nail’s in the top coat colour of your choice – for the ultimate Vintage Vixen look this has to be Red! I use Barry M Gelly Nail Paint’s for top coats.


5) Spray and apply a 2nd coat and spray again!

6) Gently peel stickers off when nail’s are dry and look in awe at your awesome work! I always seal with a clear top coat to give them a nice shine and ensure they stay chip free for as long as possible.

So there you have it, simple yet so effective and perfect for when your on a budget.

Good Luck Girls!


RR x


6 thoughts on “DIY Moonicure

  1. Your nails came out very lovely!
    I have one question, though: how do you prevent the nude base coat from peeling off with the sticker, when you remove it? I’ve actually waited a day to put the sticker on and do my desired color (to allow the color to fully dry), and still, no matter how gently I peel, that lovely base coat goes with it. So my half moons are always bare on the bottom.

    • Hello, thanks for commenting! It’s all about the rapid dry spray, if you use this it will harden the varnish enough so that it doesn’t peel off. Also – put the stickers on gently, not too firm so they are easily pulled off. Hope this helps! Let me know how you get on šŸ™‚

  2. Your nails look fabulous m’dear! Like The Vintage Cat, I also have the problem of the underneath colour peeling off, despite waiting a day or spraying with the rapid dry! I think I am destined to have bare moons!!!

    • Thank you lovely! Hmmmm, only things I can suggest are, make sure there’s a base coat underneath and maybe press the stickers against your clothes first for some lint action then they may not be as hard to peel off?! Although I kinda like a bare moon so win win either way, just finish with a top coat!

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