Polka Dot Peplum

So the Louis Feraud finally made it’s debut after a long and lonely year in the dark confines of the wardrobe!

The day I brought this suit home was a memorable one and I can honestly say it;s the only vintage clothing I have ever justified a dry cleaning bill on….

Walking down Leigh on Sea high street (Essex Coast) one sunny afternoon my partner spotted a sign outside a restaurant that said ‘Vintage Sale Upstairs’, curious we went inside and the entire top floor was packed out with the owners wardrobe spanning 3 decades. Then I spotted it, hanging up right out of the way….as I slipped into it both the previous owner and I gasped at the same time (true story) and she said I just had to have it!

I said to her it even felt well made, being 100% silk with hand finished hems and it must have cost her a fortune, she replied with ‘Oh it was it cost me a £1000 back then’….I nearly fell over! Fast forward 30 minutes and I strolled out into the sunshine with my beautiful polka dot, pencil and peplum suit, all for a mere 25 quid! I cut out the shoulder pads and wore it with my Soft in Step Marta Jonssons’s, which are the comfiest heel’s I have ever worn, transforming this 80’s power suit into a 50’s dream. Accompany with hot sticked hair, one messy night at Madame JoJo’s and lot’s of Rock n Roll…one happy girl!



RR x


Rockabilly Radio

Pokey LaFarge

Lot’s of lovely comments on my blog today and got a great big smile on my face. These too cute guys are giving my feet a tap to match…one of my favourite video’s of them.

Have a lovely Sunday everyone


Rockabilly Radio

Hard Headed Woman!

Wanda Jackson shows what a great sense of humour and stage presence she has in this video from 1958 – Rockabilly’s leading lady introdues the song as ‘the greatest love song ever written’ then goes onto sing “Keep your cotton-pickin’ fingers off my curly hair!”

Love this song so much and when I’ve had enough of washing old socks I put this on and scowl at my fella…Grrrr



p.s it’s nearly Friday!


RR x

Honey I’m Home!


I have internet access in my new home which means I can tend to this poor neglected site and get writing again! Here is a few pics of some vintage furniture I have bought and every item was £20 or less which is even more exciting!

The original 1950’s Formica Table was purchase on eBay and is now my ‘Crafting’ table which I just love, the Jones Sewing machine (from a second hand furniture shop in Southend on Sea) has been made into a sort of side board now as I still can’t figure out how to put all the parts together to get it working!




We have a newly appointed ‘Music Corner’ and I hate to put a pic of me in here but I had to show off my new Bettie bangs! I’m not really sure what era my beautiful telephone chair (again, from one of the great furniture shops in Southend) has flown from it looks rather 1920’s to me but I love it so much I care not for the date label and often just sit on it and feel important.





Bye for now, I will be blogging in full force very soon!

RR x

Village at War 2012

I have been going further back in time recently and entering the wonderful world of the 1940’s, WW2 soldiers and ration books have been top of the agenda. My Dad invited me up to the Village at War weekend in Stoke Bruerne last weekend and my word what a beautiful little village it is. It really was wonderful how everyone mucked in and placed union jack bunting all over their cottages and even taped the windows in case of a bombing, all little added touches like that made it so much more authentic…people of Stoke Bruerne I applaud you!

Seen as I don’t own many 1940’s style clothes I wore my trusty Tara Starlet shirt and a great pair of Land girl style trousers which cost me £2.50 from the charity shop! I did keep getting called “Lille” with my head scarf on though which sort of made me feel both old and perhaps not dressed quite as appropriately as everyone else, as you all know I like to dress vintage with a modern twist, I’ve not found the flux capacitor yet!

Along with all the old vehicles, tanks and wares on the barges, Lola Lamour and The Blue Light Boys has to be the highlight of my day. Lola Lamour is a brilliant nostalgic entertainer with a beautiful voice, this was the first time I have seen her perform but after checking out her video’s online I do hope it’s not the last. There was an adorable gentleman having a wee tap dance every now and then and some brilliant dancers whom I really wanted to show you but I’m having trouble uploading videos,  if you want to see the good old fashioned knee’s up there are plenty of videos on YouTube now.

The 1940’s fashion show was held in the local church and really was the most idyllic location for it (even if it was a little chilly in there!) there were some beautiful vintage wedding dresses exhibited inside made from parachutes which was just amazing to see and some beautiful old Singer machines.

What can I say my heart still lies with the polka dot and taffeta of the 50’s but it’s been so much fun learning more about this decade and experimenting with clothes, however I think I will leave this era to be perfected by my friend The War Bride and her very own WW2 soldier!

RR x