Bettie Bangs for Life

This post is quite simply about how one hair cut has changed my life forever!

After a serious hair disaster 5 years ago (Peroxide, Scissors and one serious blunt cut involved) I have been growing my locks, dodging any kind of sharp instrument or heated iron and skipping the hairdressers for almost 2 years.

I have always been incredibly fascinated by Bettie Page, her story, her life and her endearing naivety, ultimately it’s her style we all aim to recreate and what better way to ooze that pin up glamour than the Bettie Bangs! I have yearned for a Bettie fringe for a long time but have always been to scared to take the plunge, that is until my Dad booked me into Rockalily Cuts as a surprise and changed my life as a knew it!


Although I have mastered the victory roll and quite confidently roll without the aid of a mirror, I am not quite what you would call ‘a morning person’! Creating a a glamorous up do for work every morning is just too much for me to bare so I need a hair style that requires the minimum amount of effort with maximum results, my Bettie bangs gives me just that! Walking out the salon I Instantly felt sexier, more confident and more beautiful than I ever had before, there’s something about by gone era’s that just make me feel more naturally attractive and this hair style has given me a much needed boost of confidence.

Now I can go to work every day feeling a million dollars and also feeling that little bit more authentic, whether I add a flower, a bandanna or just curl my hair, instantly I appear to have recreated an effective vintage style. Thanks to Rockalily, my daddy and thanks to Bettie…whose Bang has officially changed my life!


RR x


Pretty Polynesian

So I’m a total sucker for a tiki god mask, on anything! Naturally I almost fainted when I saw these unique tiki, tribal rings from Sweedish brand, Gina Tricot, the coffee bean is just to die for…come on, its a coffee bean!! Eeeee!!



RR x

Tiki Monkey!

I found this one-off bag randomly in a supermarket on holiday and I am so in love with it, not only does it feature my favourite monkey but it’s covered in tiki inspired prints, check out the exotic corn dog…too cute!

I thought I’d re live my youth with this little number (in fact I do still wear Paul Frank pants! Shhhh)

50’s Tiki Culture

What is Tiki?

It is usually assumed that Tiki Culture in mid – century America began post World War 2 after the american soldiers returned home with stories and souveniers from the exotic South Pacific islands. This is somewhat true however tiki culture was firstly introduced back in 1934 when Ernest Raymond Beaumont-Gantt, a man from Louisiana who had sailed the South Pacific, opened a Polynesian themed bar and restaurant called “Don the Beachcomber” in Hollywood. The tropical decor and birth of exotic cocktails such as the Mai Tai, proved hugely popular and resulted in many bars and restaurants “copying” the theme by the late 1950’s.

In addition, post-war America saw the rise of the middle class as an economic force and the affordable luxury of air travel to resorts such as Hawaii, helped generate the nations popularity of all things tropical. Polynesian design began to influence every aspect of the american lifestyle from homeware to clothes, Tiki bars started to pop up in living rooms and many classic 50’s styles we still love today were influenced by Polynesian women.

 The kitsch  trends we relate to as “Tiki” today would no doubt contain, hula girls, palm tree’s, tiki god masks and tropical fabrics (check out Tara Starlet for some great 50’s pieces in authentic Hawaiin prints) Tiki has been injected into  many contemporary styles for the modern day fifties follower, for me personally when I think of Tiki? I feel like whipping on a head scarf listening to some surf rock and doing the Hula!


RR x

It’s Tiki Time!