Home Sweet Home


So after prolonged suspense and anticipation Mr RR and myself have finally moved into our new pad! I am hoping I wont be neglecting the site too much because after 2 months of NO wifi I am literally about to keel over, especially if I’m quoted another 7 week wait for installation! Anyway just wanted to say hello and to let you know I have of course scoured the country for beautiful vintage furniture that costs less than a t-shirt in Topshop and I cannot wait to show them off to you…all will be revealed soon! And that gorgeous vintage Jones machine I posted previously has finally found a resting place in the front room and looks divine, another British Manufactured piece which cost next to nothing. I totally get how ridiculously over priced second hand furniture is now and I refuse to pay it (can’t afford it) but if you persevere, watch eBay like a hawk and set yourself budgets (yes that means walking away from that amazing wardrobe you have seen but costs your annual salary) then when you find a bargain boy does it feels good!ย 

So happy hunting guys, and remember; it is OK to pick up abandoned furniture left on the street, it is NOT embarrassing and someone’s JUNK is another persons TREASURE…

I would love to see any of your festive vintage finds for a special Christmas blog post, tweet or email me pics (see my Contact page).

I’m off to put Holiday Innย on (the black&white version)

RR xx