Blowing My Own Trumpet

In all seriousness now is it me or do you fellow Vintage Queenies get more, how shall I put it…’attention’ from the opposite sex when you are dressed in all your bygone era get up’s?

Well I was always the one in the group that never got chatted up and if I did he was either A) Old enough to be my Dad or B) have the personality of a potato sack, that I suppose and the fact that I never actually wanted to be spoken to by strangers as I quite stereo typically assumed they were just drunk idiots chancing their luck on every girl in the bar. Since I began my descent into the wonderful world of Rockabilly I have noticed odd goings on…a look here and there on the train, a few up and downs of the outfit, a lot more attention then I’ve ever received before put it that way!

A few guys (mainly older) have actually come up to me and said how lovely I look without the slightest bit of sleeze or inclination to persue the communication any further than a compliment. One kind Gentleman actually said I had the most authentic vintage look he had ever seen. Dressing this way does seem to appeal to the older older man and as my partner say, ‘The old boys love you’, which makes me smile because I’d like to think they’re remembering what their sweetheart used to look like.

I don’t feel gawped at I feel admired and it’s a very lovely feeling to be dressed in such a way that makes you feel different without the shock factor. I still love the feeling that dressing this way has brought me, it’s empowering and ultimately a hell of a lot of fun!



RR x



Quite honestly I find 1940’s and 1950’s inspiration in almost anything now, it’s everywhere we look, in new advertising campaigns, cars, clothes, hair adverts and with the amazing Tune In Radio application now, you really can live a truly vintage lifestyle. If you have yet to download this app, do it right now, it plays just like an authentic vintage radio station, no DJ’s and even vintage radio ads! A picnic on Hampstead Heath, with Radio Vintage playing and my fella really is my most happy place. Rock on Tune In!

Anyway, I thought I’d post some snaps from my holiday to the beautiful tiny Island of Skiathos, lord knows I tried to maintain the vintage look in that heat! (P.S ASOS high waist bikini bottoms are just amazing and really do come up as high as you want them)

Bikini Briefs: ASOS
Bikini Top: Calvin Klein

Denim Playsuit: Topshop

Muscle Car Print Skirt: Primark
Black Head Scarf: H&M

RR x

Pin Up of the Month – September

I apologise for missing the monthly instalments I so much enjoy writing, however a month long holiday and various other commitments took over…as is life!

This months Pin Up was inspired by a print I bought last week for my “future home” and reminded me just how much I love this lady. As we all know I use the word Pin Up as a portrayal of strong, independent and beautiful women in their own right, therefore I have picked this actress not because of her most infamous Hollywood roles, but for her quirky, honest and simple charm. We all love her, the lady that is as famous today as she ever was…

Miss Audrey Hepburn!

I was first introduced to Audrey Hepburn at a young age, not through Breakfast at Tiffany’s but through her not so well known films The Nuns Story and Funny Face. These two films, both made in the 1950’s, show how diverse Audrey’s capabilities as an actress are and what a wonderful talent she had. Seen as a style icon, I quite simply see her most beautiful in images such as below, in a jumper without a scrap of make up on.

Of course I do love Breakfast at Tiffany’s, My Fair Lady and all in between, who doesn’t! I think this print will go rather well in my bedroom…

RR x

Room full of Starlets

Any woman in her right mind knows how flattering the clothes of the 40’s and 50’s are and one woman who knows this more than most is behind one of the most sought after vintage remade brands this year. Tara Starlet is the ultimate pin up of the pageant, offering not only beautifully made, vintage style clothes that flatter all shapes and sizes but its ethical too….*hurrah!*

I popped down to London to give Tara a hand at the sample sale in her quirky east end studio, naturally what 50’s fanatic like myself wouldn’t think they had died and gone to graceland being surrounded by all those amazing clothes! I got to meet the lovely Hollie over at The War Bride too, as someone who doesn’t have many friends who are into vintage the way I am it’s always so nice to meet other people who get so excited about the same things! Tara’s studio is just the sweetest vintage haven and with  the Puppini sisters setting the sound track for the day, a few soldiers in uniform wouldn’t have gone a miss…





The wonderful Tara and I

The lovely War Bride, Hollie, check her out she does the funnest of things!

RR x

Bad Hair Days Covered

I am a self confessed soap dodger in the hair department, I dye my natural blonde locks a dark brown and hate washing it too much because it can get so dry…grease isnt a good look but either is straw! So another thing that’s filled me with joy on my journey to becoming a 50’s filly is that I can just wear a head scarf to work and just like magic my barnets covered AND it adds even more to the vintage look. This is obvious practise to long time dedicated vintage queenies but for a relatively new kid on the block this still excites me just a little bit!

20120719-073253 PM.jpg

High street’s gone mad for 50’s!

As I am sure you are all aware the high street has gone wild for 50’s inspired clothing! Everything from sweet gingham twin sets and cat eye sunglasses at ASOS to cadillac prints and polka dots at River Island and Primark. Although part of me feels it is quite cheesy to buy into the whole 50’s print movement I couldnt resist this little sleeveless tie up shirt covered in cars for my summer hols…

Top: Primark
Skirt: COW Vintage

RR x

Pin up of the Month – April

Bettie Page

I feel awful that I have neglected my blog for so long and after burying my head in books for my dissertation, I hadn’t realised March had past! I know it’s terrible of me but I’m going to skip March and do an extra special April instead – so here is my Pin up of the month who I’m sure you will all enjoy – Bettie Page.

I decided to celebrate Bettie as not only is she the most iconic pin up of all time but the new groundbreaking documentary “Bettie Page reveals all” premieres at the film festival Viva Las Vegas Rockabilly Weekender this week! (I have racked my brains for ways to escape the UK and all this work to jet off but alas with no success!)

After being totally obsessed with finding any biographical information I can on Miss Page after watching “The notorious Bettie Page” years ago I am very excited to see this film. I love everything about this woman, from her innocence to the controversy that surrounded her which eventually lead to her to the Lord. No other pin up had quite so much mystery about them and her iconic image still influences so many women today, from rockabilly rockers to burlesque beauties.

God Bless Bettie Page!