Tattoo’s In The Work Place

Since the launch of Things&Ink Magazine, a new publication by Alice Snape that embraces female tattoo culture, my ideals and opinions on tattoo’s in the work place have re surfaced. I am by no means a fully fledged tattooed lady (yet) but since I had what I consider to be quite a large piece of ink drawn on the inside of my arm, I find myself covering it up at work and this is because of the stigma still attached to women with tattoos. I am not merely ‘jumping on the bandwagon’ by saying this as I have experienced first hand the odd looks and perhaps inappropriate comments such as ‘your very pretty but then you’ve got that on your arm’….Classic.


I currently work in Buying/Retail (much to my disappointment but it’s all I know) and operate in a fairly corporate environment. When I first started I suppose I made a conscious effort to try and dress like everyone else, this was because I was temping and I really needed the job, plus I know far too well how fickle the industry is and no one wants ‘that weird girl’ working in their team if they don’t fit in. I know, I even gasp at writing that because I don’t consider myself weird in the slightest but for those who don’t understand why I choose to look this way it’s the only word they know. This word is flaunted about to describe the old fashioned things I buy or the jeans I wear, mainly in jest but all the same I’m thinking ‘you’re the weird one’!. It infuriates me how many people STILL question my lifestyle and dress sense without sounding the slightest bit interested,  its even more of a shock to me that out of such a huge company I appear to be the only one who isn’t ‘commercialised’.

Anyway, I waited till I was offered the job permanently before I wore short sleeves and even now I’m not sure the more senior members of the team know I have tattoos. It’s not that I’m embarrassed because I certainly am not, I love my tattoos and when outside of work I always show them off. Perhaps it’s that I don’t feel confident in myself to think ‘this is me, this doesn’t change my performance and I don’t care what you think’ but after so many people looking at me in confusion as if to say why in God’s name did you get that, it has quite frankly  become boring.

Perhaps I’m trying to protect them?

Of course now I have been there a while, we can all have a playful laugh about my old fashioned ways and my dress sense. I still want lots of tattoos but until i know where my career is heading or I become self employed the uncertainty in such a competitive climate is still holding me back which I think is a shame. A lot of tattooed women I’ve either met or read about have all said similar things – either cover up or work for yourself because it will only hinder your chances of finding work. I feel incredibly torn between the life I aspire to lead and the harsh reality of societies standards but hopefully some day soon I’ll find the perfect job that allows me to be me…truly.


Well a girl can dream!

RR x


Ships Ahoy!

Seen as my other half was a Pirate in another life (he really was) and we’ve both wanted anchors for a while now we got these cute littl’ns done by Martin Clark at Bluebird Tattoo. This guy tattoo’s people that come far and wide for his ink as he was trained by the best and is a really cool rockabilly to top it off! I would love to get covered in Sailor Jerry inspired tattoos just like my last two have been but with a twist, who know’s I might get covered and join the circus! A girl can dream…

RR x

Sweet Sailor Jerry Sixteen

20120521-053319 PM.jpg

I’ve just moved home and whilst sorting through my stuff I’ve come across these limited edition Sailor Jerry converse that I bought in New York when I was 16! I totally forgot about these and thought they had been misplaced during my many moves over the past few years but I’m so happy I’ve got them back in my life because I remember how happy I was when I found them in a little shoe shop in Manhattan!

20120521-054452 PM.jpg

Tattoo Love

I was considering starting a regular tattoo slot but since Tiffany of Drops of Jupiter posts such amazing body art on her tattoo tuesdays I thought it best to leave it to the pro’s. Just thought I would share a quick shot of my ink, a Sailor Jerry inspired gypsy head with hawaiian hibiscus inspired by his parlour in Honolulu. Did I mention I love EVERYTHING Sailor Jerry?


Rockabilly Birthday

Lost & found and out on the town!

I know it’s rather cheesy to blog about my own birthday but heck someone’s gotta! Saturday we headed into London (I truly cherish time I get to spend back in London when I’m not in Nottingham studying!) and my other half had a brilliant luxury wet shave and hair cut in Pall Mall barbers. The quaint gentlemens establishment just seconds from Soho has such an authentic feel and he appeared after an hour and a half like a new man, and may I add smelling like a DREAM. He highly recommends and so do I for any ladies looking to treat their man, they offer beautiful gift vouchers and all products used are available to buy.

The sudden down pour threw my vintage scouring right off track so instead sought refuge in Randall&Aubin in Soho for an early dinner. This is and always will be my absolute favourite restaurant in London, I wont give too much away for those who have never been but if you like seafood, vintage decor, disco balls and extremely loud old skool sounds then check it out!

It made sense to pop right next door to Madame Jojo’s for Lost&ound, a night celebrating the best of Jump Blues, Northern Soul and Rockabilly. Unless your in here early it proves difficult to swing your partner around in the crowds and seen as we got there quite late the dropped dancefloor was a no go, however your guaranteed great music everytime with the amazing and very entertaining resident DJ’s. To top off a great birthday I was handed a bottle of Sailor Jerry Vanilla&Lime, for those dedicated SJ drinkers out there who felt my heartache when it was discontinued will know how excited I was that my darling had managed to hunt down a bottle of the good stuff and in such an amazing tin too! (eBay rules once again)

Oh and of course we headed to The Diner on Carnaby Street for brunch…where else? Short stack of maple syrup pancakes with sausage can heal even the deadliest rock n roll induced hangover. It’s the only place where yet even more 50’s sounds reminiscent of the night before somehow pull you round and get your toes tappin’ again!

RR x