Sweet Charity!

I am such a huge fan of Charity Shop’s in a time where ‘Vintage’ prices are so extortionate and I rarely have the phone signal or patience for eBay. Here are my latest charity shop gems –


Cotton dress with tie belt and detailed lapels – £8



Silk high waist trousers with side zip – £1


Leather brogues, unworn – £15


M&S V Neck Jumper – £3

So you really can have the vintage without the hefty price tag and for those of you who can’t bare rummaging through rails should know that many charity shops now have ‘vintage’ rails with all the best pieces selected for you already…Could you ask for anything more!?

Happy Hunting,

RR x


DIY Moonicure


The ‘Moonicure’ has taken the nail art world by storm the past few months and it gives such an instant vintage feel to your talons, which is why I love it! I’m all about minimum effort with maximum results when it comes to my hair, my wardrobe and most definitely my nails, so this super simple DIY Tutorial should help even the most messiest nail painters perfect a Moonicure that put’s Dita to shame…(I live in hope)

What You Will Need;

  • Paper Reinforcement Stickers (or sometimes known as hole punch stickers – got mine for about £1 from Ebay
  • Base Coat & Top Coat
  • 2 colour nail paint’s of your choice – 1 for your half moon shape and 1 for the rest of your nail
  • Rapid Dry Spray – Available from most Superdrug’s or Boot’s
  • Nail file to shape your nail’s into nice elegant oval shapes

1) Apply a clear base coat to your nail’s and spray with a rapid dry nail spray. (Repeat after every coat of varnish) Rapid dry spray is a MUST HAVE for manicure’s, it means you really do have time to paint your nails and be ready to fly out the door in under 5 minutes flat!!

2) Apply the ‘half moon’ colour of your choice – This will be the semi circle shape underneath your top coat. I prefer a nude colour and use Barry M Nail Paint in ‘Nude’. Spray!

3) Once nail’s are completely dry and not tacky, apply the Reinforcement stickers to the base of your nail’s to form the semi circle shape. I gently push the sticker down either side of my nail with my thumb nail to ensure no varnish leaks underneath.

4) Paint the rest of your nail’s in the top coat colour of your choice – for the ultimate Vintage Vixen look this has to be Red! I use Barry M Gelly Nail Paint’s for top coats.


5) Spray and apply a 2nd coat and spray again!

6) Gently peel stickers off when nail’s are dry and look in awe at your awesome work! I always seal with a clear top coat to give them a nice shine and ensure they stay chip free for as long as possible.

So there you have it, simple yet so effective and perfect for when your on a budget.

Good Luck Girls!


RR x

Blowing My Own Trumpet

In all seriousness now is it me or do you fellow Vintage Queenies get more, how shall I put it…’attention’ from the opposite sex when you are dressed in all your bygone era get up’s?

Well I was always the one in the group that never got chatted up and if I did he was either A) Old enough to be my Dad or B) have the personality of a potato sack, that I suppose and the fact that I never actually wanted to be spoken to by strangers as I quite stereo typically assumed they were just drunk idiots chancing their luck on every girl in the bar. Since I began my descent into the wonderful world of Rockabilly I have noticed odd goings on…a look here and there on the train, a few up and downs of the outfit, a lot more attention then I’ve ever received before put it that way!

A few guys (mainly older) have actually come up to me and said how lovely I look without the slightest bit of sleeze or inclination to persue the communication any further than a compliment. One kind Gentleman actually said I had the most authentic vintage look he had ever seen. Dressing this way does seem to appeal to the older older man and as my partner say, ‘The old boys love you’, which makes me smile because I’d like to think they’re remembering what their sweetheart used to look like.

I don’t feel gawped at I feel admired and it’s a very lovely feeling to be dressed in such a way that makes you feel different without the shock factor. I still love the feeling that dressing this way has brought me, it’s empowering and ultimately a hell of a lot of fun!



RR x

Freddies of Pinewood Review

Recently I have blogged a lot about how things have changed my life so I thought it would be quite nice to tie in a review of Freddie’s of Pinewood Jeans to suit the theme.



After a long time ‘pining’ (sorry) after a pair but being slightly nervous that I wouldn’t get on with a wide leg, I eventually got my first pair any my gosh I don’t know why I waited so long! I have a serious phobia of a high street high waist, I’m long in the body and to be quite honest these cuts barely cover my hips let alone my midriff. After putting on a little bit of weight  I just like to feel covered up, compact, not spilling out…

Freddies have given me the perfect pair of jeans, not only do they suit my frame and look cute with ANYTHING, they come right up past my belly button and due to maximum surface area make me feel so much more confident. You can pair these jeans with almost any top or tee for an instant vintage look, team with bandanna and leopard for a true Rockabilly look or head scarf and shirt for land girl lushness.


These jeans are comfy, sturdy and make me feel a million dollars…a small price to pay for such a marvelous feeling! Well done Freddie’s of Pinewood.

RR x

Home Sweet Home


So after prolonged suspense and anticipation Mr RR and myself have finally moved into our new pad! I am hoping I wont be neglecting the site too much because after 2 months of NO wifi I am literally about to keel over, especially if I’m quoted another 7 week wait for installation! Anyway just wanted to say hello and to let you know I have of course scoured the country for beautiful vintage furniture that costs less than a t-shirt in Topshop and I cannot wait to show them off to you…all will be revealed soon! And that gorgeous vintage Jones machine I posted previously has finally found a resting place in the front room and looks divine, another British Manufactured piece which cost next to nothing. I totally get how ridiculously over priced second hand furniture is now and I refuse to pay it (can’t afford it) but if you persevere, watch eBay like a hawk and set yourself budgets (yes that means walking away from that amazing wardrobe you have seen but costs your annual salary) then when you find a bargain boy does it feels good! 

So happy hunting guys, and remember; it is OK to pick up abandoned furniture left on the street, it is NOT embarrassing and someone’s JUNK is another persons TREASURE…

I would love to see any of your festive vintage finds for a special Christmas blog post, tweet or email me pics (see my Contact page).

I’m off to put Holiday Inn on (the black&white version)

RR xx

Village at War 2012

I have been going further back in time recently and entering the wonderful world of the 1940’s, WW2 soldiers and ration books have been top of the agenda. My Dad invited me up to the Village at War weekend in Stoke Bruerne last weekend and my word what a beautiful little village it is. It really was wonderful how everyone mucked in and placed union jack bunting all over their cottages and even taped the windows in case of a bombing, all little added touches like that made it so much more authentic…people of Stoke Bruerne I applaud you!

Seen as I don’t own many 1940’s style clothes I wore my trusty Tara Starlet shirt and a great pair of Land girl style trousers which cost me £2.50 from the charity shop! I did keep getting called “Lille” with my head scarf on though which sort of made me feel both old and perhaps not dressed quite as appropriately as everyone else, as you all know I like to dress vintage with a modern twist, I’ve not found the flux capacitor yet!

Along with all the old vehicles, tanks and wares on the barges, Lola Lamour and The Blue Light Boys has to be the highlight of my day. Lola Lamour is a brilliant nostalgic entertainer with a beautiful voice, this was the first time I have seen her perform but after checking out her video’s online I do hope it’s not the last. There was an adorable gentleman having a wee tap dance every now and then and some brilliant dancers whom I really wanted to show you but I’m having trouble uploading videos,  if you want to see the good old fashioned knee’s up there are plenty of videos on YouTube now.

The 1940’s fashion show was held in the local church and really was the most idyllic location for it (even if it was a little chilly in there!) there were some beautiful vintage wedding dresses exhibited inside made from parachutes which was just amazing to see and some beautiful old Singer machines.

What can I say my heart still lies with the polka dot and taffeta of the 50’s but it’s been so much fun learning more about this decade and experimenting with clothes, however I think I will leave this era to be perfected by my friend The War Bride and her very own WW2 soldier!

RR x

Saturday Night at the Spiegeltent!

If you’ve walked past the Southbank Centre in London recently then you wouldn’t have missed the huge sky swing that’s towering over a beautiful vintage fun fair! Priceless London Wonderground festival has been showcasing the most marvelous Cabaret, Circus and Sideshow acts London has ever seen this summer, with magical mushroom seating under a fairy lit sky to top it off.

Hibiscus Flower Dress: Collectif
T Bar Dance shoes: Vintage

I booked tickets for Saturday Night at the Spiegeltent as I absolutely loathe that I don’t live in a time of good old variety shows and Saturday nights at the circus! The show was in a circus tent, top marks already, and the night was filled with comedy and burlesque acts. My partner thought the comedians were brilliant which was good because being the prude I am found them rather offensive! However the Nigella Lawson burlesque act was both modern and imaginative with just the right amount of naughtiness to get a laugh from everyone, I must say I’m not sure I will ever watch one of her shows in the same way again though, think cucumbers and cream if you get my drift…

Navy Trousers: Next Shirt: Charity Shop
Brogues: Office

RR x