Bowling Beauty

Baseball jackets seem to be all the rage for vintage queenies this autumn but I’ve always been a fan of the geekier sister jacket…bowling!

Found this little beauty in Camden market for a nifty £5, talk about a bargain, especially for Camden these days!

20120925-055017 PM.jpg

RR x


Saturday Night at the Spiegeltent!

If you’ve walked past the Southbank Centre in London recently then you wouldn’t have missed the huge sky swing that’s towering over a beautiful vintage fun fair! Priceless London Wonderground festival has been showcasing the most marvelous Cabaret, Circus and Sideshow acts London has ever seen this summer, with magical mushroom seating under a fairy lit sky to top it off.

Hibiscus Flower Dress: Collectif
T Bar Dance shoes: Vintage

I booked tickets for Saturday Night at the Spiegeltent as I absolutely loathe that I don’t live in a time of good old variety shows and Saturday nights at the circus! The show was in a circus tent, top marks already, and the night was filled with comedy and burlesque acts. My partner thought the comedians were brilliant which was good because being the prude I am found them rather offensive! However the Nigella Lawson burlesque act was both modern and imaginative with just the right amount of naughtiness to get a laugh from everyone, I must say I’m not sure I will ever watch one of her shows in the same way again though, think cucumbers and cream if you get my drift…

Navy Trousers: Next Shirt: Charity Shop
Brogues: Office

RR x

Ships Ahoy!

Seen as my other half was a Pirate in another life (he really was) and we’ve both wanted anchors for a while now we got these cute littl’ns done by Martin Clark at Bluebird Tattoo. This guy tattoo’s people that come far and wide for his ink as he was trained by the best and is a really cool rockabilly to top it off! I would love to get covered in Sailor Jerry inspired tattoos just like my last two have been but with a twist, who know’s I might get covered and join the circus! A girl can dream…

RR x


Quite honestly I find 1940’s and 1950’s inspiration in almost anything now, it’s everywhere we look, in new advertising campaigns, cars, clothes, hair adverts and with the amazing Tune In Radio application now, you really can live a truly vintage lifestyle. If you have yet to download this app, do it right now, it plays just like an authentic vintage radio station, no DJ’s and even vintage radio ads! A picnic on Hampstead Heath, with Radio Vintage playing and my fella really is my most happy place. Rock on Tune In!

Anyway, I thought I’d post some snaps from my holiday to the beautiful tiny Island of Skiathos, lord knows I tried to maintain the vintage look in that heat! (P.S ASOS high waist bikini bottoms are just amazing and really do come up as high as you want them)

Bikini Briefs: ASOS
Bikini Top: Calvin Klein

Denim Playsuit: Topshop

Muscle Car Print Skirt: Primark
Black Head Scarf: H&M

RR x

Pin Up of the Month – September

I apologise for missing the monthly instalments I so much enjoy writing, however a month long holiday and various other commitments took over…as is life!

This months Pin Up was inspired by a print I bought last week for my “future home” and reminded me just how much I love this lady. As we all know I use the word Pin Up as a portrayal of strong, independent and beautiful women in their own right, therefore I have picked this actress not because of her most infamous Hollywood roles, but for her quirky, honest and simple charm. We all love her, the lady that is as famous today as she ever was…

Miss Audrey Hepburn!

I was first introduced to Audrey Hepburn at a young age, not through Breakfast at Tiffany’s but through her not so well known films The Nuns Story and Funny Face. These two films, both made in the 1950’s, show how diverse Audrey’s capabilities as an actress are and what a wonderful talent she had. Seen as a style icon, I quite simply see her most beautiful in images such as below, in a jumper without a scrap of make up on.

Of course I do love Breakfast at Tiffany’s, My Fair Lady and all in between, who doesn’t! I think this print will go rather well in my bedroom…

RR x